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Character information
Gender Male
Other names Wandy, Wild Wooly Wander
Occupation Intergalactic traveler
Goofy sidekick to Sir Brad Starlight (formerly)
Physical Information
Eyes Black
Body Light brilliant orange
Outfit Hat: Pale, light grayish green with black belt and light brilliant gold star button
Socks: White with black and light brilliant gold stripes
Shoes: Pale, light grayish cerulean with black stripes and white laces
Friends and Family
Friends Sylvia (best friend)
Lord Hater (sometimes)
Enemies Lord Hater (sometimes)
Dr. Screwball Jones (Upcoming in Season 2)[1]
Pets Captain Tim (formerly)
Background information
First seen
Last seen
Voice Jack McBrayer

"When I see someone who's in needin', I just gotta help!"
— Wander[source]

Wander is an optimistic, nomadic interstellar feller whose sole purpose in life is to be and help others to be happy. He is the titular character of Wander Over Yonder.



Wander has a very friendly, kind-hearted personality, though some find his boundless energy and optimism to be annoying, notably Lord Hater. He is also somewhat flighty and easily distracted, but always well-meaning, with a very strong moral center. Though he can be naïve, Wander is shown to be very witty and clever when he needs to be, and is capable of problem-solving on the spot, outsmarting his adversaries with little effort. Wander likes everyone he meets and always sees the good in people rather than the bad.

Wander aspires to explore different worlds, try new things, and help people have fun and live free, often clashing against the tyrannical aspirations of Lord Hater and his army of Watchdogs evil reign. Wander likes making people happy and jumps at the chance to help anyone out whenever he can. He and his best friend Sylvia travel leisurely all throughout the galaxy, often getting themselves into many exciting and dangerous situations.


Despite Wander's very easygoing nature, there have been times where he has been pushed to his limits. For instance, he had trouble containing his self-control when his curiosity was peaked by the unknown contents of a box he was not supposed to open in "The Box". Wander is also completely unable to stop himself from helping out whenever he can, even when the help is not really wanted or needed, suggesting his need to help others is being driven by a sense of compulsion.

Wander prides himself in being one of the most well-traveled people in the universe, and it is a topic he has been known to get competitive over.

Abilities, Skills, and ToolsEdit

Musical TalentEdit

Wander is known to have fair musical talent. He has an excellent singing voice and occasionally breaks into song on many occasions. He is talented on the banjo, which he is most often seen playing. He can also play the drums, kazoo, and guitar, as shown in "The Greatest", "The Tourist", "The Birthday Boy", and the animatic for "The Prisoner", respectively.


Wander has boundless energy and can move very quickly. One example is during his chase with Lord Hater in "The Picnic" in which he ran so fast he ended up running over him.

Orbble JuiceEdit

Wander uses Orbble Juice to create large bubbles which he and Sylvia use for transportation through outer space and otherwise.


Wander's hat contains a plethora of useful items, though it is known to only give the user merely what they need, as opposed to what they actually want.




Wander and Sylvia are inseparable friends and travelling companions, roaming across the universe together. They know each other very well and are accepting of each other's strengths and weaknesses, each going out to help the other.


Trudi TravelerEdit

In "The Tourist", Wander befriends Trudi and is astounded to how many places she's been to. It's unknown how they met, but they did meet each other sometime before the events of the episode started. When Trudi mentions the "flooshy slooshy sloosh", something Wander didn't see, he insisted on visiting it, which stopped his vacation with Sylvia on Ziziks. After going there, Wander became competitive and was determined to visit every place Trudi went to. After visiting several planets, Trudi challenges him to a race to Planet Pharphlung, and he abandons Sylvia to do so. However in the middle of the race, Wander witnesses the birth of a star and is left behind by Trudi, and he realizes what he has been up to. He abandons the race and goes back to Sylvia to apologize, leaving Trudi and her clones to look for him. It's unknown of their relationship as of this point.

International VoicesEdit

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S1e2a The Picnic-Wander 01
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  • The creator, Craig McCracken's very first sketch of Wander was drawn in 2007. In this sketch, he had more fur on his body, wore a different looking hat, and held a staff.
  • In the sneak peek clip shown at Comic Con 2012, Wander had four hair strands on his head. In the series, he only has three.
  • Jack McBrayer, the person who voices Wander, also voices Fix-It Felix, Jr. from the movie Wreck-it Ralph, Irving Du Bois from the show Phineas and Ferb, and had the Carnival Barker and the Tourist Father in Despicable Me.
    • ​In addition, Jack McBrayer's voice as Wander is highly similar to the one he used for Fix-it Felix, Jr.
  • Wander is based off of a green character from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, one of McCracken's former shows.
  • Wander is attracted to small red lasers like a cat would be, as shown in The Prisoner.
  • Wander is ambidextrous as shown in "The Egg" when he played the banjo with both hands.
  • Wander's name is based on the verb of the same name, which is a term for exploring, moving or turning.
  • In The Fugitives, it's said that Wander doesn't know what a uvula is and refers to it as "the dangly thing in my mouth".
  • He uses his hat as a sleeping bag as shown in "The Prisoner", "The Lonely Planet", and "The Night."
  • In "The Bad Guy", he wore a fake mustache and pretended to be a villain, whom he calls himself "Wild Wooly Wander".
  • The episode The Egg shows he is really good with caring for children.
  • The Fugitives states that helping others gives Wander a feeling that goes like this:
    1. Starts down in his left toe
    2. Rises up through his "guttyworks" (guts)
    3. Makes his heart all warm and toasty
    4. Floats up past his uvula (or, as he puts it, "the dangly thing in his mouth")
    5. Ends at the top of his head
  • He can knit sweaters, as shown in "The Pet".
  • He doesn't like jellyfish pie, as revealed in "The Hat".       
  • Wander can be easily be compared to Banjo from the Banjo-Kazooie series: they both play the banjo, help anyone in need, and though they mean well, they are occasionally naïve.
  • Wander speaks in a heavy Southern accent, and uses a lot of Southern vocabulary (eg: "Howdy, fellas!", "Hungry, little feller?", etc.).
  • Wander has his own background music whenever he is seen, consisting of mainly Country, Vaudeville or Bluegrass.
  • Wander is afraid of poisonous bugs, as shown in "The Night".
  • "The Lonely Planet" also revealed that Wander likes pancakes, waffles, and blueberry pie.
  • Wander can balance a spoon in the middle of his face where his nose should be.
  • Wander likes to dance, as shown in "The Fancy Party."
  • Wander has, on at least one occasion, ripped a door right out of a wall. This shows that he may be stronger than he looks.
  • Wander knows how to perform the Heimlich maneuver.


  • "WOW! What a neat little town!" - First line, "The Greatest"
  • "Hater! Is that you? It's me, WANDER!!!" - "The Picnic"
  • "Howdy, fellas! Folks call me Wander, and we really like your town!" - To the Watchdogs, "The Greatest"
  • "WHAT'S YOUR NAME!?" - To one of the Watchdogs, "The Greatest"
  • "Crazy, Huh?!?!" - Talking about Sylvia using the bathroom every 5 months, "The Picnic"
  • "Mustard or Mayo?" - Asking what would Lord Hater like on his sandwich, "The Picnic"
  • "I'll do it myself, with THE POWER OF LOVE!" - "The Egg"
  • "A little lump of love will take the buck out of the bronco!" - To Sylvia, "The Egg"
  • "Look at you and your little hat! YOU ARE SO CUTE, I CAN'T STAND IT!!!" - Referring to Commander Peepers, "The Greatest"
  • "Later, Hater!" - When saying he'll see Lord Hater later, "The Greatest", "The Picnic", "The Fancy Party"
  • "If you start down in the right path, you end up in the right place." - Wander about doing good, "The Good Deed"
  • "Shut. Up. THERE'S A FOOD COURT?!" - "The Prisoner"
  • "What an adorable little troll!" - Referring to the Troll in "The Troll"


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