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"Wander's Think Positively Ditty"
S1e17a Wander singing to the birds
Wander singing the song to the birds as they dance.
Song by Wander
Venue: Mt. Krackyourbigtoa
Genre(s): Vaudville
Wander chronology
Previous: "Best Friends Forever"
Current: "Wander's Think Positively Ditty"
Next: "Brahms' Lullaby"

The "Wander's Think Positively Ditty" is a short song sung by Wander in "The Liar" after he, Sylvia and the birds get out of Mt. Krackyourbigtoa.


Yuh-duh-duh-duh-duh, whoo!

See what your life can be
If your do-titude is can,
We thought positive-a-ly,
Now we're back where we began!


  • This is the shortest song in the series so far.


ASCAP Work #888546431

"Best Friends Forever"
Songs Next:
"Brahms' Lullaby"

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