S1e11b Wander and Trudi neck and neck

Wander and Trudi at the beginning of the race.

"Wander and Trudi's race" was a race that took place a cross various planets in the galaxy. As the name indicates, Wander and Trudi Traveler were the main, and only, competitors of this race.


After Wander and Sylvia tried a lot of times to go to more planets than Trudi, Wander and Trudi eventually went out on a race to end this once and for all. The two raced across several planets, including a hole-filled one, a carnival one and more.

Initially, Wander always got ahead of Trudi only for the "experienced traveler" to always get ahead for some reason. This escalated until they both started to speed up at their fastest.

In the middle of this, Wander and Trudi witnessed the "Birth of a star", which impressed them both. However, Trudi took this as a chance to blow up Wander's Orbble and speed ahead. However, Wander, instead of trying to catch up, realized that he was doing "everything wrong" and he returned to his best friend Sylvia, essentially forfeiting.

Trudi rested on a planetoid/planet and waited for Wander to arrive, unaware that he left the race. While she waited, it was revealed she used clones of herself to cheat.


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