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This article is about the minions of Lord Hater. You may be looking for the army they're part of.
S1e1a Watchdogs emerge
Occupation: Lord Hater's minions
Friends and Family
Lord Hater, Peepers, Westley (formerly), Bob (all their allies)
Wander and Sylvia
Physical Information
Eyeballs with red irises and black pupils
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "The Picnic"
Voiced by:
Keith Ferguson
Sam Riegel
Tom Kenny
Various others

"Hate's great! Best villain!"
— Watchdog's war cry.

The Watchdogs serve as Lord Hater's minions and troops responsible for conquering planets and capturing opponents of Hater's in the name of their aforementioned evil master.

Physical Description

The Watchdogs are short, diminutive creatures who make up for lack of height through sheer numbers. They lack mouths (Even though they can speak fine) or any other defining feature save for a giant single Cyclops like eyeball with obvious red irises and black pupils on each. Like their overlord, Lord Hater, the Watchdogs have a single lightning bolt coming out of the tops of their helmets, although they have just one while Hater has two. They all dress identically in black and red uniforms.



Lord Hater

The Watchdogs are loyal to Lord Hater and will do whatever he says, especially if it means avoiding punishment.

Commander Peepers

Peepers is the second-in-command of Hater and the general of the Watchdogs.


Most Watchdogs do not like Wander and will always try to capture him. But there are some that actually do like him (one even has a picture of him in his room).


Their relationship is sort of unknown, but Sylvia always kick their butts.



The Watchdogs didn't seem to like Westley as they thought he was annoying, and always teased him. However, when he "captured" Wander and Sylvia on his own, they treated him with more respect and they were sad over his "death".

Known members


Season 1

Season 2



Season 1

Solos (In A Group Number)

Season 2


S1e1a Watchdogs emerge
The image gallery for Watchdogs may be viewed here.

Background Information

  • They resemble "Patapons" from the game "Patapon", with the only difference of the body and helmets.
  • They could be considered the opposites of the Fist Fighters.
  • They also can eat as shown in "The Picnic" (one Watchdog tried one of Wander's sandwiches), "The Greatest" (two of them were eating ice cream), "The Prisoner" and "The Little Guy", but they seem to just put it up to their face so it is unknown if they are really tasting it or if they even get hungry.
  • The only watchdogs named so far are Peepers, Westley, Moose, Bob, PeteTeddy, Greg and Barry.
    • Moose's name and physical appearance might be a reference to the character Moose Maddon, from the short-story "The Moose And The Sparrow".
  • In Latin America, they are called "Furioguardias". (Furious guards)
  • They all wish that they had a second eye, as revealed in "The Birthday Boy".
  • Yellow Watchdog

    The yellow variant

    The Watchdogs and a yellow palette version of them appear in the game Disney XD Villains Unite!. They are encountered in the Wander Over Yonder level and, briefly, in the Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja level.


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