This article is about the army. You may be looking for the people that form this army.
The Watchdogs
S1e2a The Picnic - Watchdogs Army
Membership Information
Lord Hater
Commander Peepers
Notable members:
Westley (formerly)
Organizational Information
Type of organization:
Lord Hater's Ship
Behind the Scenes
First appearance:
"The Picnic"
"The Fugitives" (organization named)

The Watchdogs are Lord Hater's army and main enforcers of his rule. They generally accompany him whenever he goes to make his evil plans.

Membership Structure

Outside of Commander Peepers, the only known Commander of the whole army, and Lord Hater, their boss, the Watchdogs are composed of soldiers and nothing else. If Captain Tim is considered part of the army, then he's the only other known leader of the army outside of Peepers and Hater.


A Watchdog's uniform is a full-body black suit with a symbol of a red lighting in the stomach area, red boots and red gloves. They also wear a black helmet with a small, thunder-like thing on top of it.


The average Watchdog is equipped with a small, red blaster gun that shoots lasers, and they can also use another version which looks like a rifle with the same color scheme. However, the red blaster guns have been used the most, with the rifle being used only on some occasions.

Known members



  • Their recruitment is unknown at this point.
  • Lord Hater doesn't show a lot of support to the army, due to their abundant incompetence. However, he did praise them when he was about to be gifted by Wander and Sylvia in "The Gift".
  • There are no known females in the Watchdog army, and according to Craig McCracken, female Watchdogs are still on the Watchdog homeworld.
  • In Turkey, they are called "Bekçi Köpekleri".

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