Weasel's Watering Hole
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
"The Rider"

"Weasel's Watering Hole" is a cantina that Sylvia and Ryder used to go to back when they used to be partners.


As previously mentioned, the cantina used to be visited by Sylvia and Ryder back when they used to be partners. After they separated, they haven't gone there for a while.

The place was visited again during the events of The Rider, where Sylvia, Ryder and Wander went here to get information on how to get to Lord Hater's Hidden Galactic storage station. The bartender gave them the information after a little "persuasion", and a fight soon broke out between the trio and the Skuzzbuckets, who were brought by Wander.


The business has an igloo-like shape, with a single entrance that also works as the exit. Inside, the establishment is fairly big.


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