S1e3a Wedding arrival

Wander, Sylvia and Fleeblebort arrive at a wedding.

A "Wedding" is a formal event where in two people, a bride and a groom, get formally united for the rest of their lives.

Some weddings have happened in the series, but sometimes the weddings would be cancelled for varied reasons.

Weddings in the series

Marsha and her fiance's wedding

S1e3a Wedding comes to a stop
Marsha was going to marry her fiance before Fleeblebort interrupted the wedding. He declared his love for her and the two ran off, leaving the fiance alone. Wander and Sylvia, who brought Fleeblebort in the first place, walked to the fiance and Wander apologized for what had happened.

However, the fiance soon revealed that he wasn't in love with Marsha and they were simply getting married to avoid their family's conflict. Soon, havoc started on the wedding up until Wander used some disguises that confused the families to such an extent that they decided to stop their feud.

Princess Demurra and King Drakor's wedding

S1e9a Wedding celebration
Princess Demurra was set to marry King Drakor after spending an unspecified time together with him. The wedding slightly stressed Drakor, which only worsened when a former friend of Demurra, Sir Brad Starlight, acted like he was out to save Demurra in one of his fantasies.

Wander and Sylvia accompanied him, soon realizing the truth once they were confronted by the king and princess. Demurra was soon captured by Brad, but just as quickly took care of him. The wedding continued as planned and Demurra and Drakor got married.

Lord Hater and Princess of Flendar's wedding

S1e13b The wedding ceremony
This wedding was hypothetical, and thus it never really happened. Lord Hater married the Princess of Flendar in order to take control of Flendar. This wedding was Commander Peepers's plan to take over the planet.

Lord Hater quickly shot it down by saying that the princess was actually Wander in disguise, and he would thus have married Wander and not the actual princess.

Lord Hater and Sylvia's wedding

S1e18a Lord Hater and Sylvia marriage

Disguised as Linguini von Beadstick so Hater wouldn't destroy Planet Lemoria, Sylvia quickly gained affection with Hater, which she did not reciprocate in the slightest. Eventually, it got to the point that the only way to abort the destruction was to marry him.

At first, it looked like Sylvia and Hater would get married, but Wander soon arrived in disguise and he and Sylvia engaged in an argument that changed Hater's mind. He then kicked both of them out, and only realized the ladies were Sylvia and Wander in disguise when Peepers told him.

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